French and Swiss born in 1988, the artist Louise Laffaille works and lives in New York. She has studied art in prestigious schools such as La Cambre in Bruxelles, École Estienne in Paris and the School of Visual Arts in New York City. After she got her BA from Ecal, Switzerland, Louise came to the Art Student League of New York in quest of an environment that would build on, not compromise, her extensive foundation. So when she met Paul Ching-Bor, the technique he taught of watercolor on paper was a revelation.

Influenced by Turner “the painter of light” and Asian traditional paintings, her abstract landscapes aim to stirringly and truthfully measure the moods of Nature.

Suitable vehicles for Louise Laffaille’s imagination are to be found in natural phenomena such as sunlight, storm, ocean, rain and fog. Her fascination with the power of the sea, the savage grandeur, a natural world unmastered by man, evidence of some invisible power -- is the continuous thread of her work.

By leaving out solid objects and details, she concentrates on the play of light on water, the radiance of skies and movements of water. 

She is striving for expression of some kind of spirituality in her paintings, rather than optical accuracy.

Indeed, her distinctive style of painting, in which she uses oil technique with watercolor paints, creates lightness, fluency, and ephemeral atmospheric effects.

Working without references, she allows her subconscious to lead the way, leaving a space for herself and the viewer wondering, imagining or dreaming.

Her work has been shown in Europe and New York, recently at Art 345, Noho gallery, Gallery 125, Adrian Van der Plas, and soon at White Night Gallery in Seoul, Korea.


"I want to paint a world of hope . A world in constant evolution . A world that hasn't been touched by humanity yet , and feels ready to welcome all of us. Lands, hills, rivers that have grown in their own rythm following the breath of nature, following their own course without being stopped by our intervention. A world, that reveals all of its potential, I want to paint a world we want to explore and embrace. A world that looks unknown and yet feels familiar I want to give our ground all the fluid that it needs to grow as wide as it should . I want to nurture the mountains with loads of shivering waterfalls ,I want the light to be wild and powerful, I want to capture a second of it, and give a feeling of eternity. I want to paint landscapes that are breathing quietly, and reveal their infinite power with such grace and consistency ... I want to paint a world full of passion , quietness , and magic . Yes fucking magic . Because we need this ! I want to paint the world I savored with my eyes when I was a kid, I want to paint the world as if I was discovering it for the first time, as if I was painting it for the last time . With the same exalted enlightenment of a first deep love. I want to paint a world where freedom is the only law. I want to invit you in it and hold Your hand , for a second of eternity or maybe more,if you want to ." Louise Laffaille February 2016 .